How to Recruit in MLM

  Network Marketing/Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) can be a tough game.  If you goto multiple trainings in different companies, they all preach a similar base strategy and that is what the tutorial below will cover. Recruiting is probably the single most vital skill to build any type of success. To do this, you need a constant source of qualified, new leads that want what you offer, sales skills to present your company properly and training skills to teach your team to do the same.  Before we begin, I have 3 pieces of advice for you. One, if you need a stable income and benefits right now, getRead More →

Learn Facebook Live Video

  Live Video is one of the last ways you can still reach audiences organically, effectively without paying. Become an early adopter and take advantage of live video on Facebook and other platforms before corporations move in and dominate the space.   Slides:  1. FACEBOOK LIVE WWW.OWERLY.COM 2. INTRODUCTION Live streaming video with capture Build relationships faster with Audience (Know, Like and Trust) Broadcast from personal page, business page or to a group Start a post and click the live icon Allow access to camera and mic Hit continue button to go live Set privacy settings to “Public” if using personal profile You can useRead More →

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  1. Google PPC Owerly 2. What is Google PPC  Google PPC or Google Adwords  3. Bid  Conversion Rate x Lifetime Value = Suggested Starting Bid  customer may only spend $ 50 on the first purchase to your site, but may come back on four more occasions and spend a total of $ 550. Their Lifetime Value would be $600 4.  five percent conversion rate,  Lifetime Value of a new customers is $ 50,  highest you would want to initially bid would be $ 2.50.  0.05 x $ 50 = $ 2.50  breakeven point 5.Read More →

Learn Copywriting Sales Copy

  Copywriting is a commercial in written format that convinces to audience to want to buy or take action. If you are not making conversions despite having traffic, your copywriting/sales copy could be broken. The one skill many entrepreneurs lack is copywriting, despite it being one of the most important skills to make money. Here are some copywriting tips and templates.   Slides: 1. Copy Writing/Sales Copy Owerly 2. What is it? • Copywriting is written content conveyed through online media and print materials. Copy is a content primarily used for the purpose of advertising or marketing. This type of written material is often usedRead More →

Comic Con 2016 Photos San Diego Models Girls

1. YOUTUBE FAMOUS OWERLY.COM 2. REACH Draw in large crowds YouTube has over a billion users Promotion potential Owned by Google 3. SETUP Create channel/user account Custom channel art at least 2048 pixels by 1152 pixels Account Settings Channel Settings Set Featured Video to entice to subscribe to channel 4. Edit Links, Edit Channel Art 5. Edit Links for your Banner 6. Upload art, Adjust Crop 7. Click Gear Icon on Right, Toggle Customize the Layout 8. Goto Channel Home, Hit Channel Trailer Icon and Select Video, Hit Add Section 9. Hit Add Section and Select Playlist, Uploads, etc. 10. Creator Studio (Video Manager fromRead More →

Learn Twitter Marketing

  Never bothered to learn Twitter? Maybe it’s time to learn the platform of choice of some Government officials and some major corporations. Reach out to a targeted cold market, search for your perfect customers and contact press/media influencers directly.   Slides: 1. Twitter Marketing 2. Setup header graphic/cover photo 1500 x 500 pixels bio – searchable, benefits/copy, keywords profile picture pinned tweet make an impact Website link or link to capture page Company username 3. Setup 400×400 pixels Professional profile pic or logo Add location if local business 4. Profile Mobile Click banner and edit Click logo and edit Click gear icon 5.Read More →


  Everyone seems to have a dSLR camera these days. How do you stand out like a Professional? One of the biggest differences is having professional level equipment and knowing how to use it properly. This includes tools to help you white balance, strobe lights, back drops and editing tools. Photograph on a professional level with this tutorial.   Slides:  1. Photography BootcampPhotography Bootcamp 2. A single-lens-reflex (SLR) camera is a camera where the photographer sees exactly the same image that is exposed to the film. 3. ApertureAperture 4. ApertureAperture A cameraA camera’s aperture is located in the lens.’s aperture is located in theRead More →


If you have been promoting your business on Facebook, maybe it’s time to expand to Instagram. Why? Instagram, if made public, can help you reach the cold market rather than continually posting to your warm market over and over. Furthermore, guess who owns Instagram…Facebook! Its user base is growing, they have paid reach functionality built into the Facebook Ads Manager, and they have Snapchat-style functionality with Instagram Stories and disappearing messaging just added. Don’t put off growing your business any longer with Instagram. Slides: 1. Instagram 2. Register • Pick a market-related name, i.e. fitness, business, fashion • Easy to remember • Profile picRead More →

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    The social media algorithms are placing a greater emphasis on paid reach rather than organic reach. If your posts are reaching fewer and fewer people, maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and put up some dollars (hopefully to make more dollars). After all, these are corporations that need to make money, what did you think was going to happen? Free advertising couldn’t last forever. Still looking to scrape by with free advertising on social media? Check out or Live Video article…while that still works.   1. Facebook Ads 2. Why Facebook Ads? • 2015, Facebook had 1.49 billion monthly active usersRead More →

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Live video is breaking the algorithm. It is getting harder and harder for content to be seen on social media, even to your own audience, without paying for it. Live Video, still relatively new to a lot of platforms, is currently getting prioritized in people’s news feeds and notifications organically. Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and YouTube are just some of the platforms that support live streaming. Here is how to make SALES from your live stream video: Start with grabbing their attention in the first 10 seconds. “Hey!” Explain exactly what they will learn and what value they will gain. Don’t delay content to let anRead More →