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How to do Search Engine Optimization This was our first search engine optimization tutorial released back in 2015. Though some of it is out of date, the fundamentals are still the same. It is also important to know your history because a lot of search engine optimization agencies, especially low-cost freelancers, or still using tactics that only worked years ago. Some of the tactics in the video above that no longer apply include over on site optimization, low-quality back links and some of the tools no longer exist like Google page rank. In this updated version of the search engine optimization update, we talk aboutRead More →

Two astounded girls looking at laptop screen in college

How to maintain a relationship …because you thought marriage would solve all your problems. The word relationship is tricky and misleading. You think you are in a commitment like it’s a binding contract, like there is some sort of force that prevents the other person from leaving or cheating. The reality is, whether you are dating, boyfriend or girlfriend, engaged, married, or married with children, the game doesn’t change that much. With those increasingly committed terms, you feel like the other person is obligated to be committed to you, especially if you are acting committed to them. Even with all the past history, even withRead More →

Learn Affiliate Marketing

  Learn the COMPLETE  Secret to making money online with affiliate marketing: How to join affiliate programs How to set up your affiliate links how to market your affiliate links to make money Tracking software Affiliate networks    Read More →


9 Uncommon Networking Tips for Introverts from Affiliate Summit 2017 West #ASW17   Have your elevator speech. Explain what you do, what you are looking for and how you can help the other person. Be a good listener. Always start with a smile. Make yourself approachable. Use your surroundings. Don’t isolate yourself and find groups to meet. Introduce yourself. Let people talk. Be a good listener because people like to speak about themselves. Get a conference friend. i.e. a Wingman. They help you open doors to conversation. Just be there. Showing up is half the battle. Don’t run up to your room and hide. BecomeRead More →


The basic goal of any website is traffic. Traffic is where the money is and as the vice President of my hospital used to say, without money there is no mission. Traffic is what makes sites valuable which is why Huffington Post makes so much money or why Amazon bought 100,000 users who are actively engaged is worth about $10 million. Once you get traffic, there are many ways to monetize whether the goal is profit, charity, or votes. You can ask for donations, get sponsorships, run advertisements, run fundraisers, etc. All of these things need traffic because they are eyes on your pitch.Read More →

Milo Yiannopoulos Dangerous #1

Milo Yiannopoulous’s Book Surges To Number One On Amazon Thanks To Backlash Senior Breitbart editor and self-proclaimed provocateur Milo Yiannopoulous reaches number one on Amazon for best-selling books. Vast social media and media response from SJWs resulted in trending, free advertising for the author. This exactly mimics the growth hacking marketing used by Ryan Holiday as discussed in his book Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator. In this story, holiday creates a manufactured controversy surrounding American apparel while serving as the marketer for that brand. The coverage created from the manufactured controversy skyrocketed sales for the clothing brand. Milo Yiannopoulous’s Book DangerousRead More →


What is a web host? The domain host stores the files for your website. This is different then the domain registry where you buy the For example if you want to install word press, you need a host to store the files and install the program. The default way most people buy a host is to simply buy a hosting account from the same place that they buy their .com because it is easy, simple, makes linking the domain with the hosting account built in, and people probably don’t know any better that you don’t need to buy your hosting account from the sameRead More →