8 Steps to Making Your Own Agency Promo

Hello friend,

It is hard to find legitimate ways to make money these days. Especially with the constant bombardment of Ads that over-promise and under-deliver

I used to work 2 jobs over 80 hours a week. I was fortunate to learn SEO and launched my internet marketing agency that has allowed to me to make a full-time income from home.

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8 Step Internet Marketing Blueprint


  1. Company Analysis - Alexa Rank, Traffic, Links, DA
  2. Competition Analysis - Marketing strategy and Rank
  3. Brand Lock-in - Social Media and Domains
  4. Copywriting & Web Design for Conversion Optimization
  5. Basic SEO, Social Media Presence
  6. E-mail Marketing Setup
  7. Test PPC Ad  - Landing Page, Sales Funnel
  8. Scale up vs. Pivot for entire Marketing Strategy

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My Background Story

Hello friend,

My name is Allan. I had a regular job that didn't pay very much and had to go out and get a 2nd job until I was working over 80 hours a week. The money was better, but I had no time or energy to do anything else.

In 2011, I started taking martial arts classes and found my school was low on Google despite being an amazing school for 20 years. I fixed their SEO strategy and got them to the first page in 6 weeks. That one experience launched me to doing SEO for other people, then for small businesses to multi-million dollar corporations.

What I found was, in order to make SEO profitable for companies, I had to go in and fix everything else. Specifically, their copywriting, Social Media, Web Design, and add paid advertising campaigns (Pay-per-click). So, out of necessity, we transformed into a full service Internet Marketing Agency.

I've maintained a full time income working from home for years. I know exactly what it takes, the education needed, and how to beat out the competition in sales.

The best part is, you don't need an office or staff or even more than a couple dollars for a website to get started.

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Use Aweber to Turn your Blog Posts into a Newsletter Automatically

Internet marketing is time consuming. The more tools you can use to do tasks automatically the better.  Aweber is one such tool. You can use your RSS feed to have Aweber formulate a newsletter automatically.

  1. Login to your acount.
  2. Click Messages in the top menu
  3. Select Blog Broadcasts
  4. Enter how many articles you want per email and whether you want to have e-mail sent automatically or you want to review them first
  5. if you don't select the automatic mode, e-mails will be placed under Messages and then under Broadcasts for your to review, possibly edit and send out manually.

Disclosure: We are a professional affiliate site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we link to. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

For complete instructions: https://help.aweber.com/hc/en-us/articles/204031036-How-Do-I-Create-A-Blog-Broadcast-

Find your RSS Feed: https://help.aweber.com/hc/en-us/articles/204031176-Where-Do-I-Find-the-RSS-Feed-URL-

RSS Feed for WordPress will be www.yoursite.com/feed/

Event Photography can quickly Boost your Social Media

Event photography is one of the fastest way to incorporate experiential marketing in your campaign.
Goto an event and bring your dSLR camera, on-camera flash, camera backpack, padded camera strap, and business cards.

Ask people politely if they would like a picture, take 1-3, hand them a business card and let them know where they can get their photo.
Now, you have ton of people from an event visiting your website/social media.

If they share your content, you can potentially reach their friends as well.

See more products in our dSLR Photography Tutorial

Experiential Marketing is the new way to go viral in 2017

The age of information is done. There are too many blogs and too many videos and too much information! It would take 100 lifetimes to go through even a fraction of information.

People are overwhelmed. People are numb to it. The information market is saturated. Now, in 2017, is the age of experience.

People will pay a premium for live events. Campaigns where customers participate go viral. People love live video and so do the social media algorithms.

So, if you are looking to reach the cold market, experiential marketing is one of the last ways to do it without paying a hefty price.

What is Growth Hacking or Growth Marketing?

Growth Hacking is a way to make your marketing campaign go viral without your paying for it. For example, affiliate programs and promo codes allow your customers to promote your business for your without paying extra, aside from commissions of course.

Hotmail included a footer for new users to sign up causing every email sent out to be an advertisement.

Get press by creating a story around your company that writers would love to publish and their readers would love to share.

You can read more about that in this book...