How to get Pikachu in Pokemon Go

Mistakes I made when I first started playing Pokémon go. Here are some newb mistakes I made in the past that you can avoid. Learn the secret to getting Pikachu when you first register. Don’t pick one of the first three Pokémon they offer you after registering. Keep walking until those three Pokémon disappear and reappear 4 times, then Pikachu will appear for you to choose as your first first Pokémon. Stop throwing the pokeball directly at the circle around the Pokémon. When you first start playing it looks like you can just throw the ball directly at the Pokémon. In actuality, it looks moreRead More →

Our Servers Are Experiencing Issues Pokemon Go

What is the best team to join in Pokémon go? The best team to join is a valor. End of article. Just kidding. There are three teams in Pokémon go. Mystic blue, instinct yellow, valor red. Mystic is the most popular followed by valor and the least popular there is instinct. If you are in a populated city you will find that a lot of the gyms will be dominated by blue team, Mystic. You might think that joining Mystic is the obvious choice being the largest. You are wrong. If every Gym is blue, then you’ll end up training nonstop and won’t have theRead More →