Chapter 36 – Why is it Important to Struggle in MLM   Why is this so difficult!?  I want to quit!  Those people on stage had it easy because…. This is a profession and takes skill that has to be learned.  Work has to be put in not only learning how to meet new people, recruit and train but actually putting in the time, effort and work of actually doing it!  Some people have natural skill, natural influence, natural connections to powerful networkers or just happen to be in the right place at the right time.  The rest of us, and a large majorityRead More →

  Chapter 35 – Continue your education in MLM   You don’t know what you don’t know until you see it for the first time.  Save yourself YEARS of headache by reading about how decades worth of people have done it before you.  Whether it’s a book, audio book, Ebook, CD, MP3 or DVD it’s important to keep learning. Whatever weakness you have, whether it’s finding new prospects, recruiting, closing, talking to your warm market, public speaking, building relationships, dealing with people, etc. there are countless books for that showing you multiple ways to solve that problem. Short on time?  Listen to audible books/CD/MP3 inRead More →

  Chapter 33 – Why Do you need to plug in to your company training?   I don’t need to go to training to do this.  I know what I’m doing.  I will just look it up online.  Just tell me later what I need to know.  It’s too expensive.  I have a birthday/wedding/dog walking/supermarket/TV marathon to go to and can’t make it.  I went to it last time.  I’m too tired.  It’s too far.  I have no team going.  I have no ride.  I need to be recruiting during that time.   Sound familiar?  Yup, we’ve all had these excuses come across our minds.Read More →

  Chapter 32 – How to control your emotions   The ups and downs of network marketing can be too much to handle for anyone.  If you fall victim to every up and down, it will drive you insane.  The person you thought would join for sure and would blow up your business didn’t join.  The person that joined and said was “going to make you rich” ended up quitting (that has to do with managing their expectations when they join).  You get pumped during your company event ready to break it open only to go home and have your family call you stupid.  Ugh,Read More →

  Chapter 31 – What to do When you Feel Like Quitting   Top Reasons Why People Quit MLM.   You are now at a point where you are texting and calling your upline that you are quitting. You are feeling angry, desperate and ready to lash out. Check out below some of the top reasons you may be feeling, saying to yourself, upline or the people around you. In general, as long as you are blaming outside factors, outside of yourself, you will not improve or grow to the point where you will experience success. Nobody starts at the top or the first inRead More →

  Section Four – Mindset           Chapter 30 – How to Believe in Yourself when Nobody else Does   Everyone you’ve approached tells you it’s impossible (implying that it’s impossible for YOU).  Your upline has stopped calling, your downline blames you for their failure among other things, and all the dreams you had written down have magically not come true.  What’s left?  How do you keep going when nobody believes in you and you aren’t even sure about yourself anymore? Your past does not define your future. Cut out negative self-talk.  What is negative self-talk?  Any sentence that you say outloudRead More →

  Chapter 29 – Why you can’t succeed in MLM alone   MLM is a team sport.  Without a team, you are doing sales and your income will not likely be passive.  As you grow your organization, you will need help leading your team as you are only one person and will not likely be able to mentor everyone at the same time.  Furthermore, no matter how hard you try, not everyone in your team will agree with your methods or even like you.  The likelihood they will succeed will increase if they find an upline leader that they do look up to and canRead More →

  Chapter 28 – Why is it important to start with a package?   These packages are too expensive.  I don’t need a package, I can just recruit.  I can’t afford it.  I will build a team first and then get a package. Without a package, it will be very difficult to do your business if not near impossible.  Take a look at the 6 and 7-figure earners in your company. Do any of them not have a package?  Do any of them have anything but the largest package the company offers?  Why is that?  Because it’s hard to do a business without the productRead More →

  Chapter 27 – How to Deal with a Bad Leader   My upline/sponsor sucks! a.k.a. My upline is not a leader. My upline doesn’t call me. My upline isn’t making any money. This other upline in a different company is better. My upline said they would do something for me, but didn’t. My upline is not good at helping me recruit. My upline quit. My upline doesn’t build under me. My upline doesn’t know how to train. My upline is too busy and has no time for me. My upline didn’t teach me how to do this. My upline is too lazy. My uplineRead More →

  Chapter 26 – Why You Can’t be in 2 Companies at the Same Time   You just came up with a great idea. You are going to work 2 companies at the same time, maybe you were in one and you went to a biz opp that sounded good that you don’t want to miss out on.  Maybe you’ve decided that if people don’t want to buy from one of your companies, they can buy or join the other.  Maybe you think your 2 MLMs go together and compliment each other where people may want both services or products.  Wow genius, now you areRead More →