9 Uncommon Networking Tips for Introverts from Affiliate Summit 2017 West #ASW17   Have your elevator speech. Explain what you do, what you are looking for and how you can help the other person. Be a good listener. Always start with a smile. Make yourself approachable. Use your surroundings. Don’t isolate yourself and find groups to meet. Introduce yourself. Let people talk. Be a good listener because people like to speak about themselves. Get a conference friend. i.e. a Wingman. They help you open doors to conversation. Just be there. Showing up is half the battle. Don’t run up to your room and hide. BecomeRead More →


  Business networking domination It is a common saying that it is about who you know. So if you are not born with knowing important business people and investors, you may feel like you have no chance to make it in business. In fact, you don’t need to be born into business to make it. You can easily meet the right people if you network properly, and give the right impression. First, you need to find events that have a lot of the type of people you want to meet. Furthermore, when you go to these events it is important to make connections with everyoneRead More →

Meet girls with Pokemon Go Pickup Lines

How to get a date with Pokémon go. The top 5 pick up lines to use to meet people at Pokémon stops while playing Pokémon GO. 1. Are you playing Pokémon GO? You can tell someone is looking at their phone and likely playing Pokémon go. Even if they are not, you can quickly transition the conversation to something else. 2. What team are you on? Here is an indirect opener that everyone in Pokémon go can relate to. Are they on the yellow, red, or blue team? Why did they pick that team? 3. Did you know you can turn off the AR function?Read More →

Maslow’s Triangle or Hierarchy of Needs was proposed in 1943 to describe the stages of growth we experience our lives. The stages include physiologic, safety, love/belonging, esteem, self-actualization and self-transcendence. You can use this as a reference point to understand where people are in their lives, what they might need and what they might want.  In other words, people can use this to understand and find their “Why”. People can focus on different levels at different points of their lives and can focus on multiple levels at one time, though often times prioritizing them  at differing extents. Level 1 Physiologic Needs. These include all theRead More →

External Frame Control Controlling the direction of a conversation and interaction is the basis of external frame control. Understanding the frame of the conversation and how to re-direct it will help you deal with objections, posture properly and leave you un-shaken. Is the glass full or half empty? Both answers are correct, just from different perspectives. It is always better to see the glass half full? Not if you are trying to sell someone water. “That glass looks half empty and will soon be completely empty. For a fraction of the price of a new full glass, I can refill that half-empty glass right nowRead More →