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How to maintain a relationship …because you thought marriage would solve all your problems. The word relationship is tricky and misleading. You think you are in a commitment like it’s a binding contract, like there is some sort of force that prevents the other person from leaving or cheating. The reality is, whether you are dating, boyfriend or girlfriend, engaged, married, or married with children, the game doesn’t change that much. With those increasingly committed terms, you feel like the other person is obligated to be committed to you, especially if you are acting committed to them. Even with all the past history, even withRead More →

Meet girls with Pokemon Go Pickup Lines

How to get a date with Pokémon go. The top 5 pick up lines to use to meet people at Pokémon stops while playing Pokémon GO. 1. Are you playing Pokémon GO? You can tell someone is looking at their phone and likely playing Pokémon go. Even if they are not, you can quickly transition the conversation to something else. 2. What team are you on? Here is an indirect opener that everyone in Pokémon go can relate to. Are they on the yellow, red, or blue team? Why did they pick that team? 3. Did you know you can turn off the AR function?Read More →

Your Relationships Dealing with relationships is complex and varies with the type of relationships you are looking for whether it’s a commitment, marriage, multiple long-term relationships, open, etc.  Some of the principles discussed prior still hold true to an extent in a relationship.  In general, it is a good idea to keep your jealousy and anger from getting out of control.  If you are in a relationship, don’t over game continually thinking about which tactics to use to keep your girlfriend.  Your focus should be on getting to know each other as described in the section about building a connection and enjoying your time togetherRead More →

Helping Others After you are a PUA and have reached the goals you have set for yourself, it is important to maintain some level of humility so that you can continually learn and develop.  Don’t forget where you came from and be patient in helping others. Give back to the community that has helped you so much.Read More →

Work Book and Missions You have already completed the first step by admitting that you need help and then looking for help here.  You have read a book that will jumpstart the process of becoming a master at opening.  You are now ready to begin practicing in the field.  Each step below will take one week each if you go out four nights a week or two weeks each if you go out only twice a week.  Keep a journal that you will write/type in after you are done going out for the night.  It will be like a field report but you are toRead More →

  Now your target is in your seduction location, like your house or apartment.  Keep your apartment clean with no clutter.  When I say clean, I mean girl clean, not guy clean.  Your dishes should be washed.  Laundry should be stored away.   Your floors, walls, corners, windows, counters, sinks, fridge, garage, closet should all be clean and organized.  Your toilet should be clean with no rings.  Your bed should be made.  Your bathroom should have extra toilet paper, towels, and toothbrushes.  Leave your window shades open so that she will feel safer inside your place being able to see the outside. Have interesting things toRead More →

  You will go on dates that end up stagnant. You will soon learn that it is up to you to take the lead in bouncing locations and escalating.  Like any other phase, this takes practice in conveying your personality, holding your frame, and demonstrating a non-needy attitude. In an ideal date, you will first meet at your place or around your place.  This way, you will be near your seduction location and can bounce her back to your place at the end of the date.  You can also have her come upstairs to your place for a brief moment before pushing her out theRead More →

  Similar to approach anxiety, you will experience “phone anxiety” where you are afraid to call due to a fear of rejection.  You end up not calling numbers back or ending up calling numbers back days or even weeks later to the point that the momentum is lost or she forgets who you are.  Never hold too much value into any one number.  If the number doesn’t work out, your goal should be to improve your skills out in the field so that your future numbers will be more solid and so that you will have many numbers to call instead of just one.  PhoneRead More →

  As you improve in your skills and develop as a person, you will have more and more time bridges (phone numbers, e-mails, personal websites, planned dates, etc.) and occasionally bounce locations, fool’s mate, or pull.  You will start compiling a list of numbers you collect and will soon discover that a lot of these numbers are not solid.  The girl is not as friendly or sometimes don’t even remember who you are. At this point, you realize that you have to continue to develop your skills and personal development and build more attraction and rapport so that the number is solid prior to calling.Read More →

Control Your Internal Frame Controlling your internal frame is a complicated process of controlling your self-image, your emotions, and how you interpret external events. Controlling your self-image equates to confidence on many levels.  The first step is to stop sending any negative statements to yourself.  This includes stopping statements like: I am dumb. I am ugly. I’m a nerd. I’ll never be able to do this. I could never pull that off. I can’t do this. I’m a loser. Girls don’t like me. I have nothing good to say. Anything that would bring your confidence down or limit yourself, you need to cut out ofRead More →