What is a web host? The domain host stores the files for your website. This is different then the domain registry where you buy the For example if you want to install word press, you need a host to store the files and install the program. The default way most people buy a host is to simply buy a hosting account from the same place that they buy their .com because it is easy, simple, makes linking the domain with the hosting account built in, and people probably don’t know any better that you don’t need to buy your hosting account from the sameRead More →

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Picking a domain name is the first step in your Internet marketing strategy and vitally important when deciding what to name your company. Having the .com available is one of the most important factors to deciding the name of your company. It is also important to protect your brand by getting the .net This can get very expensive very fast especially if you are buying multiple domain names all the time or have different ideas and want to buy various domains simultaneously while you decide which one to use. There are domain registries out there that offer very tempting first time deals for newRead More →

David R. Bell goes over business concepts and how it applies to internet marketing generalities.  Going through this course, I can see that is designed to be evergreen rather than attacking the latest and constantly changing internet marketing trends. It addresses what is lacking in most internet marketing courses, a formal business education.   Here are some examples of the business concepts you will learn:   Gravity Model Geography – Real world options and locations shape preferences (Homophily) Resistance – Friction creates resistance. Help people make better decisions in buying. Adjacency – Seed local demand. People that are neighbors can think alike and work togetherRead More →