Get Started with Twitter Marketing and Advertising

Twitter Marketing and Advertising Tutorial

Twitter is still a great place to reach your ideal audience. Twitter has 317 million monthly active users. Whether you are reading out to potential customers, press, influencers or your fans, Twitter is a fast way to community with them directly.

Start by registering your username and custom URL at

You will want to use your company name as the username.

Setup your header graphic/cover photo 1500 x 500 pixels. When you are filling out your bio, make sure to include searchable SEO keyword phrases, copywriting, a profile picture (or company logo), and your Website link or link to a capture page.

Add your location if you are a local business.

Upload your square profile picture which will end up 400x400 pixels. Make sure it is a professional profile picture or logo.

Now it is time to start posting content, or your first Tweet. Tweets are 140 characters, and possibly 280 characters by the time your read this.

Let’s talk about the types of things you can Tweet about.

You can past a link to a blog article with a brief overview of what the article is about and what kind of value the reader can expect from it. The article URL will not count towards your character count.

Content can be entertaining or educational . Other tweets can be humorous, give advice or insight, information/facts, current events/news, questions for the reader to answer, or promotional. Quotes from influencers and for motivation make for great content.

You can have actionable tips or include a call-to-action with your Tweet. Include a sense of urgency with your call-to-action (limited time). Be sure to use search keyword phrases in your tweets.

Images can get 18% more clicks when you attach them to your Tweets. Attached videos are 1200 x 628 in size and last up to 140 seconds. If the video you upload is longer than that, it will crop the video to 140 seconds.

Don’t tweet too many promotions & ads or it will look spammy. You can curate great content from others mixed in as well.

If you Retweet others content they might return the favor. Just hit the retween button under a tweet you like.



Makes your tweets searchable using hashtags, which will look like #keyword or #keywordphrase

You can include hashtags within your tweet by adding a # in front of words or include hashtags at the end of the tweet by themselves in series. Be sure to use hashtags that are relevant to the content of your tweet.

You can use sites like to research relevant and trending hashtags. Don’t misuse trending hashtags inappropriately or it could backfire, like exploiting a disaster for sales promotion. You can create your own branded hashtag specific to your company.


Event Photography can quickly Boost your Social Media

Event photography is one of the fastest way to incorporate experiential marketing in your campaign.
Goto an event and bring your dSLR camera, on-camera flash, camera backpack, padded camera strap, and business cards.

Ask people politely if they would like a picture, take 1-3, hand them a business card and let them know where they can get their photo.
Now, you have ton of people from an event visiting your website/social media.

If they share your content, you can potentially reach their friends as well.

See more products in our dSLR Photography Tutorial

Syndicate & Re-purpose your Social Media Content

There are too many social media platforms coming and going. Wouldn't it be great to multiply yourself or even your staff to get the work of 10 people done with just 1 person?

Yes, it can be done with social media syndication. We use Hootsuite to syndicate one post automatically to 17 different places including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and more!

Get a free trial of Hootsuite today!

For example, you can tape a live video, save it to your computer, upload it to YouTube, embed the video into a blog post and then use Hootsuite to syndicate it to the rest of your social media accounts as well as send out an e-mail newsletter to your list with a link to your new blog post.


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We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.



30 Day Live Video Challenge

The 30 Day challenge is used in various arenas. It breaks your fear, forces you into action and creates massive momentum.

Make a Live Video daily for 30 days.

This will force you to keep going when you make mistakes. Also, you will see that right now live video is being prioritized in the algorithm because it is new and platforms are competing for live streamers.

You will likely get more reach and views compared to other posts. Also, when you do 30 videos in a row, you will see which topics get the most engagement.

Get a post with a ton of reach? You can boost it with Facebook Ads to reach even more people.



Social Media Cheat Sheet

How to Get Likes on Instagram

Register your account

  • Pick a market related name
  • Easy to remember
  • Profile pic -use your logo
  • Bio Website - company or capture page. No spam. No affiliate links.

Target Audience

  • Research hashtags to make sure there is an audience
  • Look for accounts in your niche
  • Follow people that follow accounts in your niche
  • Follow people that like pics in your niche
  • Like posts and pics from your niche
  • Comment posts and pics from your niche within TOS
  • Follow limits


Audience Engagament

  • Like for likes, like multiple pics in a row to stand out in their feed
  • Comment on their posts
  • Reply to your comments
  • Contests
  • Stories
  • Call to action: like, follow, link, share, tag
  • In the Pic, ask a question and ask people answer a reply in their comments #commentbelow
  • Make a statement in the pic, and have people tag someone they know that fits it #tagafriend
  • Instagram PPC ads
  • Monitor @yourname
  • Monitor #yourname
  • Reply to DM
  • Shoutouts @ or repost
  • Delete spam and negativity

Syndicate your IG Posts

  • Share/Syndicate your IG posts to other sites
  • Link to your Instagram Account
  • Instagram Feed – WP Plugin

Best Practices

  • 1-2 high quality pics
  • No filter, high quality, relevant to your audience
  • Don't post too many pics at once
  • Post seasonal relevant posts
  • Run contests and giveaways
  • Promote instagram on other social media and ads
  • Use to post in advance
  • Peak hours

Hashtags are written as #keyword and Groups similar content. Click on a hashtag under an Instagram post and you will see other posts in Instagram that are using the same hashtag so the viewer can see other posts that they might be interested in and the poster can potentially get more likes and follows.

  • Find targeted hashtags
  • Goal: get into top 10 for a hashtag for more exposure (most likes)
  • This can be done with long tail hashtags (less competitive)

Attract More likes and follows

  • Original content and posts
  • Niche hashtags
  • Niche related posts
  • Similar looks and feel among all posts
  • Write about the post.
  • Have a call to action. For example ask them to like the pic
    Tag a location.
  • Do not tag random people for exposure.
  • Pick the time for the maximum exposure
  • Call to actions: like the pic. Like if you want more pics. Follow me for quality pics. Ask people to share.

Twitter Marketing

  • Special promotions
  • Useful information and facts
  • Add competitor’s followers
  • Tweetdeck research


Youtube Marketing

  • Competition Research
  • Grabbing attention
  • URL in the description and profile
  • Video reply
  • Sharing
  • Offering Value



Top 10 Apps for Instagram

  1. Wordswag – Add Stylized Quotes and Logo
  2. Latergramme – Schedule Future Posts
  3. Videoshop – Edit video and Add Text
  4. Action Movie – Add video special effects
  5. Instagram Feed – WP Plugin
  6. – Buy and Sell Instagram Shoutouts

Analytics and Metrics


Where to Buy Instagram Shoutouts

Hire & Make 3rd Party Deals

  • Make shout for shout deals
  • Buy shoutouts from larger pages
  • Better rates with longterm packages
  • Drive traffic with ads
  • Watch out for fake followers


Why Facebook Ads?

  • 2015, Facebook had 1.49 billion monthly active users
  • The platform is the most popular social network worldwide
  • Geo targeted, interested focused, demographic focused ads
  • Easily measurable, instantly demonstratable results
  • Reasonable, readily controlled budget
  • Goto

1. Hit “Create Ad” in the upper Right Menu

2. Pick your Type of Ad

3. Choose your Target Audience

4. Choose your Budget

5. Pick your Ad Pictures

6. Pick a Button and Publish


Here are the steps you can take to start Facebook Retargeting in your Facebook Ads:

  • you place a small, unobtrusive piece of code on your website that drops an anonymous browser cookie
  • run ads to people that viewed your Sales Page but did not buy
  • Goto
  • Goto “Tools” and select “Audience”
  • Create Audienc
  • Click “Create Audience”
  • Select “Custom Audience
  • Select Website Traffic
  • Create Pixel
  • Get Pixel Code
  • Add Pixel Code to Site
  • Paste the Facebook pixel code between the <head>and </head>tags of your web page. You may already have other existing code between the head tags, so just place the pixel code underneath that, but above </head>.
  • Select the pixel you setup when creating a new ad

How to use Facebook Conversion Pixel

Conversion Pixel  is placed on the order completion page. You can then run ads to Facebook asking them to target people that look just like your buyers.

  • Select “Create a Conversion Tracking Pixel”
  • Click “Create Pixel” on Right
  • Select “View Pixel Code” button
  • Insert Pixel Code to Conversion Page (i.e. Thank You Page)
  • Find Pixel and Select Create Ad
  • Select Pixel on New Ad


Here are some factors you can analyze when judging the performance of a Facebook PPC campaign:

  • CTR - the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown expressed as a % (clicks ÷ impressions)
  • Reach - the number of people who have seen your post
  • Ad Impressions - the number of times a post from your Page is displayed, whether the post is clicked or not. People may see multiple impressions
  • Average CPM - Cost per thousand impressions
  • Average CPC - measurement of cost on a per-click basis

How to Get More Subscribers and Views on YouTube

YouTube has over 1 Billion users and is owned by Google. It's an obvious place to build your brand and attract new customers potentially without spending any money.

First, you need to setup your channel with a custom URL. Then, come up with the theme and content for your channel. Content can include interviews, news, how to videos, spoofs, seminars, etc.

Increase viewership by picking the right titles that attract clicks in your niche or by going through the Google Keyword Planner and picking the right SEO Keyword Phrases. You can include these phrases in not only in the titles, but the tags and description as well.

Get more subscribes by including a YouTube end card at the end of your video along with a subscribe button and call-to-action. Click the gear button on your channel homepage and toggle custom channel layout to add a trailer you can add to your channel homepage for new viewers to entice them to subscribe.

Syndicate your content through blogs, PPC ads and other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Watch the full step-by-step YouTube Famous tutorial which includes:

  • Custom URL/Address for your Channel
  • Setup and start the right way
  • Monetize your videos
  • What type of videos to make
  • How to get more views and subscribers
  • YouTube End Card
  • Annotations
  • Picking the right keyword phrases in your title and descriptions
  • Syndication
  • Advertise your videos


Not a member yet? Join now for $1



Controversy, Politics and Social Media

How to express political viewpoints on your Facebook wall without alienating friends.

There is a popular business book called How to Win friends and Influence people. Expressing your political and religious viewpoints on your social media can be more like How to lose friends and offend people. People are ultimately tied to their political and religious beliefs as they are intertwined with their identity.

They exist in an echo chamber of other people with similar politics and religious beliefs, often times their entire life, there by strengthening their beliefs that they are correct and framing their politics and religion.

In any particular viewpoint, on the Internet there will always be an opposing view point shared by a percentage of your friends the more friends you have on Facebook/social media.

When you express a view point that contradicts their beliefs, it not only challenges their beliefs, but their identity as well. This results in continuous back-and-forth comments that escalate quickly and can result in name-calling, defriending, and broken relationships.

If you are a political pundit, and your career is helped by political controversy then this might make sense. If however, you gain nothing in relationships or Business in alienating or offending people, there are alternative ways to express your viewpoints and potentially convert a percent of the masses over to your narrative on social media.

One alternative solution is to create a fan page/business entity surrounding your viewpoint.

For example, instead of posting choice A over choice B on your Facebook wall, you can instead create a Facebook fan page called People for choice A or Choice A fan club. You can then use that fan page to express your viewpoints freely without any direct ties to you personally. Furthermore it gives you the option to boost/advertise your posts through paid advertising and you can even share the post onto your wall with a question like, "what do you guys think about this?"

You can then further your marketing for your viewpoint with a blog, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. If you create a large enough base, you can even add advertising and sponsorship to raise money for yourself or for your cause or any other charity that supports your viewpoint.

Controversial topics and articles that evoke emotion, especially anger, get shared the most which is why viral bloggers love it to increase traffic and clicks to their advertisers. Take your controversial passions and turn it into a movement using Internet marketing.


Use Hootsuite for Social Media Syndication

HootSuite: Social Relationship Platform

Why Hootsuite is your best Social media tool.

Hootsuite  is your social media shortcut to update and manage all your social media accounts in once place. You will be able to make a single post with a link to your new blog article, add hashtags and copywriting and post it to LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, and Facebook Groups all with one click. Click the banner to below to make your Hootsuite account today:

Hootsuite: Social Relationship Platform




We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Don’t let people steal your Brandname Online and Sell it back to you


  • First, buy the .COM for your company name (consider also getting the .NET and .ORG as well) No, anything that is not .com is not a good idea because a lot of your traffic will goto the .com instead on accident.
  • Lock in your company name in Facebook, i.e.

Goto to Create your Fan Page/Business Page

Custom Facebook URL Instructions


  • Lock in your username as your company name

Each user can now create his own dedicated page with the following type of (vanity) URL: ""

  • Lock in your URL

Your Twitter Username is the same thing as your URL for Twitter

  • Get a Custom URL for your Channel Instructions
  • Get a Custom URL for
  • Get a Custom URL for Google+ Instructions
  • Get a Custom URL for Snapchat Download



How to use Facebook Live for Marketing and Sales



Live streaming video with capture

Build relationships faster with Audience

(Know, Like and Trust)

Broadcast from personal page, business page or to a group

Start a post and click the live icon

Allow access to camera and mic

Hit continue button to go live

Set privacy settings to “Public” if using personal profile

You can use “Pages” or “Facebook” App, or Group Event


Let people in Advance When you are going to go Live

Bring Extra Battery Power

Consider using Airplain Mode and Wifi in order to avoid incoming calls interrupting (Avoid using Data plan)

Have good lighting

Attention grabbing headline - Benefits


Remind people to follow you so they get a reminder when you are Live

Let them know the benefits if they watch

Introduction to Audience

Bring Value-Educate, Entertain, Inform

Engage (Say hi to people that login, Converse with comments)

Broadcast up to 90 minutes

End session with call-to-action (Mention Resource, Page, Offer)


Hit Finish Button

Save video to camera roll (Can upload in other places as well-YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Select upload higher quality version

Confirm video appears on your Facebook Fan Page

Continue engagement with comments or questions on video after it has been posted

Share/Syndicate video – Blog, Groups, Newsletter

Stream Regularly

Have a Schedule for followers to login

Consider using a tripod, Microphone, Video lights

Syndicate and Re-purpose Content (YouTube, Instagram, Blog, Newsletter)

Consider Boosting Post

Get more likes

Promote business offer

After broadcast, the video is saved as a post

View Analytics by hitting “reach” under the post

View comments and shares

Click boost post under video


Goto Ads Manager

Hit Create Ad for a post that is doing well

Select “Boost your post”

Select Fan Page

Select Post you want to boost

Optimize for Video Views (See Facebook Ads Tutorial)


Your business in action

Show some personal life

Q&A audience session


Industry Updates



Live Event Broadcast