Learn Facebook Live Video

  Live Video is one of the last ways you can still reach audiences organically, effectively without paying. Become an early adopter and take advantage of live video on Facebook and other platforms before corporations move in and dominate the space.   Slides:  1. FACEBOOK LIVE WWW.OWERLY.COM 2. INTRODUCTION Live streaming video with capture Build relationships faster with Audience (Know, Like and Trust) Broadcast from personal page, business page or to a group Start a post and click the live icon Allow access to camera and mic Hit continue button to go live Set privacy settings to “Public” if using personal profile You can useRead More →

Comic Con 2016 Photos San Diego Models Girls

1. YOUTUBE FAMOUS OWERLY.COM 2. REACH Draw in large crowds YouTube has over a billion users Promotion potential Owned by Google 3. SETUP Create channel/user account Custom channel art at least 2048 pixels by 1152 pixels Account Settings Channel Settings Set Featured Video to entice to subscribe to channel 4. Edit Links, Edit Channel Art 5. Edit Links for your Banner 6. Upload art, Adjust Crop 7. Click Gear Icon on Right, Toggle Customize the Layout 8. Goto Channel Home, Hit Channel Trailer Icon and Select Video, Hit Add Section 9. Hit Add Section and Select Playlist, Uploads, etc. 10. Creator Studio (Video Manager fromRead More →

Learn Twitter Marketing

  Never bothered to learn Twitter? Maybe it’s time to learn the platform of choice of some Government officials and some major corporations. Reach out to a targeted cold market, search for your perfect customers and contact press/media influencers directly.   Slides: 1. Twitter Marketing owerly.com 2. Setup header graphic/cover photo 1500 x 500 pixels bio – searchable, benefits/copy, keywords profile picture pinned tweet make an impact Website link or link to capture page Company username 3. Setup 400×400 pixels Professional profile pic or logo Add location if local business 4. Profile Mobile Click banner and edit Click logo and edit Click gear icon 5.Read More →


If you have been promoting your business on Facebook, maybe it’s time to expand to Instagram. Why? Instagram, if made public, can help you reach the cold market rather than continually posting to your warm market over and over. Furthermore, guess who owns Instagram…Facebook! Its user base is growing, they have paid reach functionality built into the Facebook Ads Manager, and they have Snapchat-style functionality with Instagram Stories and disappearing messaging just added. Don’t put off growing your business any longer with Instagram. Slides: 1. Instagram Owerly.com 2. Register • Pick a market-related name, i.e. fitness, business, fashion • Easy to remember • Profile picRead More →

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Live video is breaking the algorithm. It is getting harder and harder for content to be seen on social media, even to your own audience, without paying for it. Live Video, still relatively new to a lot of platforms, is currently getting prioritized in people’s news feeds and notifications organically. Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and YouTube are just some of the platforms that support live streaming. Here is how to make SALES from your live stream video: Start with grabbing their attention in the first 10 seconds. “Hey!” Explain exactly what they will learn and what value they will gain. Don’t delay content to let anRead More →

how to setup home film studio

Getting professional level quality videos is easier than ever. Affordable equipment with professional level quality for your Social Media channels has leveled the playing field. Here is some of the equipment we use.   #Interview with #Vlogger @LizaJoo http://www.owerly.com/influencer/interview-with-vlogger-lizajoo/ A post shared by Allan (@cityblender) on Mar 13, 2017 at 2:55am PDT Use a muslin stand to hold your backdrops, green screen, backdrop paper, etc. Nothing says amateur more than seeing your wall or worse, the outlet of your wall in the background.       A boom mic stand can place your mic close enough to be effective while keeping it out of theRead More →

Social media branding

Building a brand on social media can feel overwhelming.   1. Set Goals. The first step is to set a goal on each platform. The knee-jerk response is to go after followers and likes, when in reality the best metric is engagement. How many people are commenting, asking questions, etc.? Do you create conversations on social media? Are people sharing your content?   2. Know your audience.  Think about your ideal customer when you reach out to people on social media and engage in conversation.  What are their needs and how will your content fulfill that need?   3. Stay consistent. Post content on a regularRead More →

Learn Twitter Marketing

How does someone become a guru/expert/coach in a niche industry? You just call yourself the title you want others to call you. Like, if you sell tube socks, you can call yourself the King/Queen of Tube Socks as you put out media for yourself.  This is especially true in industries with no certification or formal education. For example, Tony Robbins had infomercials late at night for years at the start of his career as a self-help motivation guru on television.  This grew his reputation, sold millions in products and built his career. Webinars, Facebook Posts, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can all be used to accomplish theRead More →

youtube marketing

One of my most successful campaigns was for an industry I knew nothing about… It just goes to show, a formula for an effective online marketing strategy can work for any business. Specifically, a combination of SEO, PPC, and Social Media. Apparently, IT professionals need to take an exam to be licensed to work with certain equipment. This business rents server time to take practice exams. I had just gotten done SEO On-site Optimization & a Single YouTube Video and within a week the leads started pouring in. A single YouTube Video shot up to the top rank using a script filled with Copywriting techniques, competition research, theRead More →


  How to express political viewpoints on your Facebook wall without alienating friends. There is a popular business book called How to Win friends and Influence people. Expressing your political and religious viewpoints on your social media can be more like How to lose friends and offend people. People are ultimately tied to their political and religious beliefs as they are intertwined with their identity. They exist in an echo chamber of other people with similar politics and religious beliefs, often times their entire life, there by strengthening their beliefs that they are correct and framing their politics and religion. In any particular viewpoint, onRead More →