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One of my most successful campaigns was for an industry I knew nothing about… It just goes to show, a formula for an effective online marketing strategy can work for any business. Specifically, a combination of SEO, PPC, and Social Media. Apparently, IT professionals need to take an exam to be licensed to work with certain equipment. This business rents server time to take practice exams. I had just gotten done SEO On-site Optimization & a Single YouTube Video and within a week the leads started pouring in. A single YouTube Video shot up to the top rank using a script filled with Copywriting techniques, competition research, theRead More →


  How to express political viewpoints on your Facebook wall without alienating friends. There is a popular business book called How to Win friends and Influence people. Expressing your political and religious viewpoints on your social media can be more like How to lose friends and offend people. People are ultimately tied to their political and religious beliefs as they are intertwined with their identity. They exist in an echo chamber of other people with similar politics and religious beliefs, often times their entire life, there by strengthening their beliefs that they are correct and framing their politics and religion. In any particular viewpoint, onRead More →

Top 10 Apps for Instagram Wordswag – Add Stylized Quotes and Logo Latergramme – Schedule Future Posts Videoshop – Edit video and Add Text Action Movie – Add video special effects Instagram Feed – WP Plugin – Buy and Sell Instagram Shoutouts Analytics and Metrics Bots More →

Audience Engagament Like for likes, like multiple pics in a row to stand out in their feed Comment on their posts Reply to your comments Contests Stories Call to action: like, follow, link, share, tag In the Pic, ask a question and ask people answer a reply in their comments #commentbelow Make a statement in the pic, and have people tag someone they know that fits it #tagafriend Instagram PPC ads Monitor @yourname Monitor #yourname Reply to DM Shoutouts @ or repost Delete spam and negativity Syndicate your IG Posts Share/Syndicate your IG posts to other sites Link to your Instagram Account Instagram Feed –Read More →

Hashtags are written as #keyword and Groups similar content. Click on a hashtag under an Instagram post and you will see other posts in Instagram that are using the same hashtag so the viewer can see other posts that they might be interested in and the poster can potentially get more likes and follows. Find targeted hashtags Goal: get into top 10 for a hashtag for more exposure (most likes) This can be done with long tail hashtags (less competitive)Read More →

Attract More likes and follows Original content and posts Niche hashtags Niche related posts Similar looks and feel among all posts Write about the post. Have a call to action. For example ask them to like the pic Tag a location. Do not tag random people for exposure. Pick the time for the maximum exposure Call to actions: like the pic. Like if you want more pics. Follow me for quality pics. Ask people to share.Read More →