WARNING!! How you will be hacked and ALL your bitcoin stolen…

Your phone goes dead as you scramble to find a land line or cell phone you can borrow to call your cell company to find out what happened. You finally get to a phone and call your company and find out your cell phone number has been transferred to someone else's phone.

A short while later, all the email addresses attached to that phone number have been hijacked using your cell phone. The passwords, recovery options and emails and security questions have all been changed.

Now, with your email address, all your bitcoin accounts have been logged into, the passwords changed, and all your cryptocurrency has been transferred to the hacker's anonymous wallet never to be seen again.

The hacker now has all your email addresses, your stored emails, your financial accounts, stolen all your cryptocurrency and taken control of all your social media accounts.

How to (try to) hacker proof your Bitcoin:

1. Call your cell phone company (i.e. Verizon, Sprint, etc.) and put a password on any Cell Service transfer.

2. Change your login email to all financial and cryptocurrency accounts to a new email not listed or used anywhere else.

3. Don't use the same passwords for all your accounts. Make sure the passwords are complex enough.

4. Get a new phone number for your financial accounts not used anywhere else.

5. Enable 2FA (2-factor authentication) on your E-mail address and Financial/cryptocurrency accounts. Enable 2FA with Google Authenticator App, NOT SMS text messaging to a phone number.

6. Install Anti-virus Software On your computer

7. Enable a Firewall on your computer to prevent remote access to your computer.

8. Delete or change your personal information online and all your social media accounts including Family connections.

9. Take all your cryptocurrency offline into an offline wallet like Trezor or Ledger. Only buy offline wallets directly from the manufacturer or a licensed seller. Don't buy offline wallets from places like eBay or craigslist where they can be tampered with.

10. Only login to your cryptocurrency accounts using a hardwired computer with the wifi disabled or removed. Make sure the computer is secure with no outside accounts given access to it as well as the steps above.

11. Pray


Good luck! Don't put off doing this until it is too late. Once you get hacked, everything will be taken and there is no going back.

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