How to setup your own Film Studio

How to setup your own Film Studio

Getting professional level quality videos is easier than ever. Affordable equipment with professional level quality for your Social Media channels has leveled the playing field. Here is some of the equipment we use.


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Use a muslin stand to hold your backdrops, green screen, backdrop paper, etc. Nothing says amateur more than seeing your wall or worse, the outlet of your wall in the background.




A boom mic stand can place your mic close enough to be effective while keeping it out of the frame.



We use Apogee Mics as they are compatible with Apple Products like the iPhone 7 or your iPads, which is especially useful if you are using them to live stream.  Rode mics are also an industry standard.



Buy a green screen backdrop, and you can use apps or video editing software to drop in any background you want effortlessly.



Proper video lighting is key. Constant lights like the ones below are for video, while strobes are only used for photography.



Use a tripod. Shaky video using your arm is only a last resort.



You need clamps to hold your backdrop to your muslin stand.





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