Interview with Catherine Carrigan, Medical Intuitive Healer and Social Media Guru. Carrigan is the Owner and co-host of Total Fitness Radio Show. About the Author Carrigan is explains how a Medical intuitive healer can help and what type of clients they see. Carrigan is the Author of 4 best-selling books on Amazon including What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power For Health And Happiness. She explains what it takes to become a best seller on Amazon. She is also a Certified Instructor in Kinesiology , Sports Nutrition, Adult Fitness Training, Yoga, and qi gong. Finally, Carrigan is co-owner at and reveals exactly where she syndicatesRead More →


We interview Sal Peer the CEO of Social Brim. Sal has been featured on the CW, Playboy channel, Huffington Post and more. Sal explains how he went from having $183 to a 7-figure business, what it takens to enter the top 1%, and how to get from motivation to action. My approach is the same to most things. #toptags #entrepreneurship #grind #hustle #learn #education #startup #success #successquotes  #startuplife #businessowners #ambition #dream #goals #lifegoals #goforit #nevergiveup #successmindset #businessman #speermethod #businesslife #miami #entrepreneurlifestyle #salpeer #motivated #entrepreneurmindset #millionairemindset #thinkbigger #dreambigger #yesyoucan A post shared by Sal Peer (@speermethod) on Mar 20, 2017 at 5:23am PDTRead More →


We interview Dr. Kien Vuu of the Live Again Project ( Dr. Vuu is an interventional oncologist and creator of the Live Again Project as well as Behind the White Coat channels on YouTube. I hit him with the hard questions like the meaning of life, breaking bad news to patients and what he would do if he only had 6 months left to live. Truly warms my soul when the people around you share tiny shots of inspiration and encouragement. My day is blessed moving forward. #love #inspiration #oneuniverse #connection #purpose #oneness A post shared by Live Again Project (@liveagainproj) on Jan 20, 2017Read More →


Today I interview Adjoa, fitness model, former USC cheerleader, and 3rd place winner at the San Diego Muscle Fitness Bikini Competition. We talked to Adjoa about how to get a 6-pack and why I keep failing at it. We ask her about her take on protein bars and protein shakes, meal replacement, what exercises to do and what to eat. It's about that time again. @freshpeachesswimwear #tbt #competitionprep #ghanaian #sixteenweeksout A post shared by Juju Badu (@jujubadufit) on Jun 14, 2016 at 9:14am PDTRead More →

how to setup home film studio

Today I interview Vlogger Liza Hoffman the creator of @LizaJoo Liza is an up-and-coming YouTube sensation with videos about restaurant reviews, lifestyle, travel, current events, and some wild times with friends. Her channel gives a unique perspective not just with her witty, outgoing personality but her unique background as well. Liza’s father is Jewish and her mother is Pinay. In the video you’ll hear about how her parents met. Liza also reveals her secrets to where she gets her inspiration on the topics for her videos as well as specific ways you too can make professional level videos on your own. By the end ofRead More →


    Is real estate investing really investment or liability? Do you own your house or does your house own you? Junko Wu is a seven-figure real estate investor with property in multiple countries including Japan and the United States. The bottom line is, if your investment is not an income property then you have a liability. Some ways to make property into an investment is to buy a condo, rent it out for more than the price of the mortgage, and live in an apartment. Junko explains another way to create an investment property is by buying a house, then using equity from theRead More →