Get Started with Twitter Marketing and Advertising

Twitter Marketing and Advertising Tutorial

Twitter is still a great place to reach your ideal audience. Twitter has 317 million monthly active users. Whether you are reading out to potential customers, press, influencers or your fans, Twitter is a fast way to community with them directly.

Start by registering your username and custom URL at

You will want to use your company name as the username.

Setup your header graphic/cover photo 1500 x 500 pixels. When you are filling out your bio, make sure to include searchable SEO keyword phrases, copywriting, a profile picture (or company logo), and your Website link or link to a capture page.

Add your location if you are a local business.

Upload your square profile picture which will end up 400x400 pixels. Make sure it is a professional profile picture or logo.

Now it is time to start posting content, or your first Tweet. Tweets are 140 characters, and possibly 280 characters by the time your read this.

Let’s talk about the types of things you can Tweet about.

You can past a link to a blog article with a brief overview of what the article is about and what kind of value the reader can expect from it. The article URL will not count towards your character count.

Content can be entertaining or educational . Other tweets can be humorous, give advice or insight, information/facts, current events/news, questions for the reader to answer, or promotional. Quotes from influencers and for motivation make for great content.

You can have actionable tips or include a call-to-action with your Tweet. Include a sense of urgency with your call-to-action (limited time). Be sure to use search keyword phrases in your tweets.

Images can get 18% more clicks when you attach them to your Tweets. Attached videos are 1200 x 628 in size and last up to 140 seconds. If the video you upload is longer than that, it will crop the video to 140 seconds.

Don’t tweet too many promotions & ads or it will look spammy. You can curate great content from others mixed in as well.

If you Retweet others content they might return the favor. Just hit the retween button under a tweet you like.



Makes your tweets searchable using hashtags, which will look like #keyword or #keywordphrase

You can include hashtags within your tweet by adding a # in front of words or include hashtags at the end of the tweet by themselves in series. Be sure to use hashtags that are relevant to the content of your tweet.

You can use sites like to research relevant and trending hashtags. Don’t misuse trending hashtags inappropriately or it could backfire, like exploiting a disaster for sales promotion. You can create your own branded hashtag specific to your company.